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India Series

India Series

Design makes objects emerge out of a constant tug of war between ideas and materiality, aesthetic and function, mundane and precious, all of which is processed through a collective journey rooted in the everyday. This everyday is a constantly churning charged space and light as a concept plays an important role in shaping its image.

In 2017, light&you engaged with 3 contemporary design practices in India, in various stages of their career, to see if we could identify how with their object-making, a sense of regional identity could be evoked.


AKFD Studio


Ayush Kasliwal, an alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, is one of India's leading design thinkers, practitioners and advocates for artisans. Ayush with his architect wife Geetanjali, is Creative Director and Co founder of AKFD & AnanTaya, interdisciplinary design companies based in Jaipur, India. All aspects of the business practices of AKFD and AnanTaya reflect social consciousness, sustainability. Ayush's work is informed by traditional crafts and artisans and it reflects a deep understanding of mythology, architecture and culture through a contemporary aesthetic. He believes that "Objects are messages in physical form".

Winner of multiple National and International awards, like UNESCO, EDIDA, Ayush has been a panelist, speaker, faculty, jury member, at prestigious national and international forums including ICFF at New York.

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klove Studio

New Delhi

Co-founders of klove studio, Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth since inception in 2005 have created a loyal cult following. Prateek studied at Bhagat Singh College at the University of Delhi. Gautam is from Ambala in Punjab and he went to the Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology in Chandigarh. Their education in design came from practical experience. Their lifelong propensity to experiment and research with new innovative methods continuously enables them to expand their product ranges and specializations. Over the past 9 years they have established themselves as thought leaders in the domain of interior d├ęcor for residential and commercial spaces. Internationally, they have taken blown glass to new heights and have propelled the reputation of modern design possibilities originating from India. Their visionary status is enhanced by their youthful enthusiasm and unusual training.

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Rooshad Shroff


Based out of Mumbai since 2011, Rooshad Shroff has created a unique practice based on the philosophy of integrated design. His approach to projects includes bespoke solutions to all elements in a space including furniture, products and materials. Rooshad is a graduate from Harvard University's Graduate school of Design & with a bachelor's from Cornell University. He has worked with industry stalwarts Zaha Hadid in London & OMA/REX in New York.

Rooshad's work celebrates the handmade using techniques and traditional skills and is considered a vanguard in the modern resurgence of craft. He has been acclaimed in India and Internationally and his works have been exhibited at Venice Architecture Biennial (2010), Shanghai Expo (2010), "Design - The India Story" at Prince of Wales Museum, Delhi ID fair and India Art Fair.

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Vishal K Dar

Based on Vishal K Dar's association to light as a primary medium in his art practice, coupled with his background in architecture, Light&You invited him to curate a project with Indian designers, where through his interlocution and engagement, new light objects could be developed under the company's inaugural India Collection. + Know more - Hide


evoking emotions through light.

light&you is a destination that welcomes you to a well curated collection of lighting tools, installation ideas and the choicest products from leading design brands across the globe. The collection offers you some of the most iconic creations by venerated designers, while on the other hand presents a range of the latest trends and technology.

Following a close interaction with designers and architects across the map, there appeared a prominent gap in the understanding of the importance of quality light in a space, while at the same time, an arena that could provide wholesome solutions for the same. light&you raises the floor to the large faction of design discerning individuals that value celebrated aesthetics and elevated experiences.